Disaster Town Tycoon

You’ve been elected <b>Mayor of Disaster Town! </b> Your task is to construct the city of your dreams on the most accident-prone stretch of land on the planet! The whole place is a magnet for trouble, but the rent is cheap and the view is just spectacular! Your loyal legion of minions are ready to fly into action. The more you can mitigate the disaster damage, the more people will flock to your town, bringing their votes and money with them! So manage your investments wisely as you grow the city, collect taxes, earn (and lose) votes, and brace for the worst. After all, you are not going to let a few major disasters ruin your popularity during election year, are you? <b>Get ready for disaster!</b> Running the world’s unluckiest city is not easy! It’s up to you to keep investing in infrastructure, disaster prevention and services to keep your citizens happy (and alive). <b>Compete and collaborate with other Mayors!</b> Join limited time events and compete with other players to top the leaderboards and earn exclusive rewards to satisfy your civilians! <b>A city so good it almost runs itself!</b> The city never sleeps, but you do! So feel free to take a break and let your staff run things while you are away. You can always take credit for it when you get back! <b>Grow a run-down city into a thriving metropolis!</b> It’s going to take more than a couple natural (and unnatural) disasters to stop you from turning your hometown into the city of your dreams!

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The rise of mobile devices transforms the way we consume information entirely and the world's most elevant channels such as Facebook.