Wrestler from Uttarakhand won the fight in Uttarayani fair, defeated the wrestler from Punjab

Uttarakhand News: Uttarakhand’s wrestler Raju Thapa won the trophy along with a cash prize of 25 thousand and won the applause of the audience. For the first time in the Uttarayani Mela, a wrestling match was organized. In the second concluding day, 12 matches were played in which wrestlers from UP, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Nepal showed their mettle.
Raju Thapa won the final
12 matches were played on Sunday in which 24 wrestlers participated. The semi-final wrestling match was played between wrestler Raju Thapa of Uttarakhand and Rahul of Madhya Pradesh, in which Raju Thapa defeated Rahul and entered the finals. Similarly, the second semi-final was played between Shankar Thapa Nepal and Bakhtawar Punjab, in which Bakhtawar won. An exciting final match was played between Raju Thapa of Uttarakhand and wrestler Bakhtawar of Punjab, in which Raju wrestler defeated the wrestler of Punjab and won the title.  

These wrestlers participated 
The match played on the second day was played between Bhagat Kashipur and Jwala Singh Rajasthan, in which Bhagat won, similarly wrestlers Manoj Banaras and Sachin Saharanpur Played between, in which Sachin won. Wrestling matches were held between Harsh Sharma Dehradun and Sudhir Madhya Pradesh, Rohit and Sudama Das Baba Ayodhya, Shankar Thapa Nepal and Kalu Rajasthan, Manjit Delhi and Mohit Haryana, Baba Ayodhya and Shankar Thapa, while wrestling matches between wrestlers Rohit Delhi and Manjit Haryana. on par.

Anuradha Pal, Municipality President Suresh Khetwal, sponsor Dalip Khetwal honored the winner and runner-up with trophy as well as cash amount of 25 and 11 thousand. Trophies were given to the participating wrestlers.

What did the District Magistrate say
District Magistrate Anuradha Pal said that organizing a riot for the first time in the Uttarayani fair is a commendable effort in itself. In view of the crowd and encouragement of the public, such sports events will be organized in future also so that the prevalence of wrestling increases in our district and state as well and the interest of the youth towards this sport increases and the youth turn towards sports along with studies. Chairman Municipality Sures Khetwal thanked all the wrestlers and the public for the amicable wrestling.

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