Why is there craze among the fans of Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’? Know- what the trend experts say

Pathaan: The king of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is making a comeback on the silver screen after four years with the action thriller ‘Pathan’. In such a situation, the craze of SRK’s upcoming film is raising the heads of the fans. Such is the craze for Shahrukh that the fans are not even refraining from buying expensive tickets and advance booking of the film is being done on a grand scale. Amidst all this, a film journalist and a‌ Best trade analyst Himesh Mankad in a special conversation with ABP News about Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s film ‘Pathan’‌ Tremendous craze being seen among the people, the film’s  trends related to advance bookings, attractiveness of the film to the audience and commercial‌ Possibilities have been discussed. 

‘Pathan’ can break records of many films
Senior trade analyst Girish Wankhede told ABP‌ In the interview given to the news, with what eagerness and why people are waiting for ‘Pathan’ and Shahrukh’s film is being released as a hero after four years, taking the best opening‌ Along with many Hindi films‌ can shatter records.

The single screen audience is also crazy for ‘Pathan’
Manoj Desai, owner of Gaiety-Galaxy cinema or executive director of G7 Multiplex while talking to ABP News informed that Gaiety – This is the first time in 51 years of the establishment of Galaxy Cinemas that the film will be shown in their cinemas in the morning at 9 and 9.30 am (shows often start here at 12 o’clock). He said that both the theatres‌ There was a demand to book, in such a way they could not refuse. Significantly, Gaiety and Galaxy are very famous in terms of single screen audience. In such a scenario, Manoj Desai said that even the single screen audience is eager to watch ‘Pathan’ and 90% of the tickets till the weekend have already been sold in their theatres.

200 cities film‌ Will be screened
Whereas Yash Paryani, co-founder of @SrkUniverse fan club, told ABP News that his fan club is less ‌ Film in less than 200 cities‌ Screening will be done for the fans associated with the club. According to Yash, at least 50,000 Shah Rukh fans attended the special screening. Will watch movies through. Due to the high demand, film cities (increased to about 250) and movie watching Shahrukh’s‌ The number of fans can also increase, which can go up to around 65,000-70,000. He told why Shahrukh Khan’s‌ Fans are so eager to see ‘Pathan’.

Opening of ‘Pathan’  Expecting to be great
As a hero‌ Shahrukh Khan is going to be on the cinema screen after four years‌ The fans are very excited about the return of. And that’s why due to the tremendous enthusiasm among Shahrukh’s fans to watch ‘Pathan’ and excellent advance booking, it is believed that ‘Pathan’ will get a great opening hand.  Let us tell you that the film ‘Pathan’, directed by Siddharth Anand, is releasing on January 25. Now it will be interesting to see what record ‘Pathan’ can set at the box office.

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