Why do the people of this country do maximum work?

Worlds Worst Workaholics Country France:  There is no living without work in the world and all people work, but some people do not work, rather the work remains on them. French means the people of France come in those who do such work. These people work so much that their  The country is rated as having the most workaholics in the world. This has been revealed in a survey conducted by health insurer Bupa Global. 

The French work without a break 

A survey by health insurer Bupa Global found that nearly 4 out of 10 French business leaders did their daily chores without  Admitted to working longer breaks. This is 25 percent more than the global average. It has been believed that the Americans  Hustle culture has been promoted, but the survey shows that in this matter the French have gone far ahead of the Americans. In terms of working, the French executive  US, UK, and China have also been left behind.

Freak of work haunts

It has also been found in the survey of Bupa Global that compared to any other country, the French executives are more concerned about the performance of their own work. Their concern is often their  of organizations  Relies on capacity. Unlike their global peers, they are less happy working remotely. 

Because of this, their culture and tendency to do the most work is encouraged. Anthony Cabrelli, Managing Director of Bupa Global, said, "This combination of external economic pressures and a tendency to take responsibility on themselves may contribute to French officials being overworked."

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