Why did Gulzar say, ‘Lata Mangeshkar had become a part of our everyday life without being told?

Jaipur News :  On the third day of Jaipur Literature Festival (jaipur literature festival 2023), ‘Ek Hindi Anek Hindi Satra’ Eminent writers Anamika, Nandabhardwaj, Pushpesh Pant, Gitanjali Shree and Yatindra Mishra spoke about the contemporary and classical forms of language and literature through Hindi. And one session on ‘Lata Sur Gatha’. It turned out to be true that author and writer, translator, screenwriter Anu Singh Chowdhary was going to talk on this book written by Yatindra Mishra, based on the journey of the songs of the great singer Lata Mangeshkar.

Youngsters flock to listen to Gulzar

In this session organized at the Durbar Hall, a crowd of youths were seen to listen to the country’s favorite poet Gulzar Saheb, who wrote evergreen songs for Lata Didi.  Such surprises are nothing less than a gift for the on-ground audience.

Gulzar said that without telling us she had become a part of our everyday life. There is his song on every important ritual related to life and without knowing it, you hear his voice from morning to evening through one or the other medium. Once I told him that I am sorry for those generations who passed without hearing your voice.

Wherever Hindi goes, it adapts

Senior litterateur of Rajasthani language, Nand Bhardwaj, said in the context of the language that Hindi adapts to the region in which it goes and increases its expansion by including many expressions and words of that region.”

Pushpesh Pant said in the context of Gitanjali Shree’s language that what Gitanjali does with language is to expand the dimension of language. Just yesterday in a session someone said that this festival is a magic, there is a film running on celluloid all the time and you are a part of it.

Written extensively on topics such as reincarnation

‘Seven Moons of Mali Almeida’ In the session, author Nandini Nair spoke to Booker Prize winner, Sri Lankan author Shehan Karunatilaka. Sheehan’s novel, ‘Seven Moons of Mali Almeida’ It has been written inspired by themes like demons, ghosts and reincarnation. On this he said that and then I thought. If I write from the perspective of a ghost, then the dead people of Sri Lanka start talking to me, then it sounds like a good plot for a ghost story. Getting the Booker Prize was a matter of luck. It was just like in Ludo’s dice, six numbers come from Tukke. You are happy when you win the lottery and when you don’t, you try not to look too sad.

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