What tell if an employee’s health and wellness plan is showing in their work?

People working in any company should be happy, do their work honestly and the company should progress…the whole purpose is on this. Through health and wellness plans, companies emphasize that the health of the employees should be maintained and they should be happy. Stress should stay away from them and employees can improve the balance of their social life. For this, companies continuously work on employee health management, stress management, mental health therapy, good work place, healthy food and rewards and incentives. But the question is whether the effect of the health and wellness plan of the employee is visible in his work or not? How is it known.

The responsibility of HR is very important
Whenever any HR starts a health and wellness program for the employees, first by talking to the people, it is tried to understand that after all the primary What are the issues? According to each company and its working nature, the problems of employees can be different. For example

  • There can be pressure to complete the target in the company related to sales work. Due to this pressure, the employee may not be able to pay attention to his family or social life.
  • There can be issues like working hours, less salary in a company related to production work, due to which stress increases.
  • Shifts in IT companies run for 24 hours, in such a situation anxiety or irritability can increase in people. There may be health problems.
  • Pressure of news is immense for the media company, so sometimes there is a problem in finding time for the family.
  • During an epidemic like Corona, the responsibility of keeping its employee and his family safe in any company becomes paramount.

In this way, the problems of employees of every company are different. . Now the responsibility falls on HR, that after talking to its employees, they should understand which things should be rectified first through health and wellness program. So that the employee can feel connected with the company.

How to know that the employee is getting the benefit of health and wellness program
Health and wellness program is not only Health, but also helps in creating work life and social balance. According to a 2018 survey published in Forbes, as the morale of the employees increases with the wellness program, their habits gradually improve. Through these points you can understand this.

  • Mistakes in work are reduced
  • Productivity level is increased
  • Jin Procrastination results in better results
  • Many employees who come to work late are better off being on time
  • Unnecessary vacations are reduced Increases attendance
  • Ruddy behavior towards colleagues, seniors improves
  • Customer complaints decrease
  • < li>Increases engagement with the company

How health and wellness program connects company and employees
Health and wellness program is an ongoing process . Keeping telling what are the emergency options related to health for any employee in the company, keeping stress management classes for them, getting them to do courses to improve their skills, all these things are a part of an important process. Along with this, there are other things that help to keep the employees connected with the company.

  • Training to be a good manager
  • Providing feedback and guidance to employees
  • Hiring good and qualified managers
  • Rewarding for achieving short term and long term goals
  • Offering potential jobs within the company
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    As we said that only its employees contribute in improving a company. That’s why it is most important that the company understands the employees and only then design its health and wellness program. Do new things and make them engaging. This will surely improve the retention and recruitment process of the company.

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