What is PCOS, know the symptoms and treatment, how it harms women

PCOS Symptoms:  PCOS i.e. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome…a disease in which about 116 million women around the world are in its grip today. According to a WHO report, PCOS is such a common condition that appears in women after an age. It is a hormonal condition, which mostly affects the ovaries of women. Because of this, period problems start in women, extra androgen and polycystic ovary occurs, in which the ovaries become large. There are many fluid-filled sacs in it, which are called cysts. Let’s know  What kind of symptoms appear on the face of women having PCOS problem..
Symptoms of PCOS are visible on the face of women
There are many symptoms of PCOS. Some of these first appear on the face. When there is a high level of androgen or male hormone in women, its signs are found on the face. Androgens give rise to acne related to PCOS. These work to drive the glands of the skin to produce excessive amounts of sebum. These are oily substances. This means that if a woman is having acne around the chin and upper neck of her face, then these can be symptoms of PCOS.
How to treat PCOS
If a woman is troubled by the problem of PCOS, then first of all she should change her lifestyle. If the weight is increasing, then it is also most important to control it. You can get rid of this problem by including exercise and nutritious-balanced diet in your daily routine. According to health experts, women who are struggling with PCOS should eat more and more fruits and vegetables. Apart from these, do not forget to consult a doctor for PCOS treatment. 
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