War planes escort Poland-Greece flight carrying 190 on board after bomb alert

Greek warplanes scrambled to rescue a Ryanair plane carrying 190 people from Poland to Greece on Sunday after authorities received a bomb alert. Two F-16 jets accompanied the plane flying from Katowice to Athens as it entered Greek airspace from North Macedonia, sources told AFP.

The official said the Boeing 737 was earlier escorted by Hungarian warplanes. The flight finally landed in a different area at Athens International Airport shortly before 1600 (GMT). She was about two and a half hours late.

“The passengers have been disembarked and the plane is being inspected,” Greek police spokeswoman Constantia Demoglido told AFP. “There were 190 people on board, including the crew. After the passengers, the aircraft will be checked,” he said.

As soon as the plane reached near Athens, it was diverted over the sea as a precaution.

Piotr Adamjic, public relations manager at Katowice airport, said the plane was flying over Slovakia when he received the alert by telephone.

“After the plane took off, the airport information center was called about a possible explosive device on board,” Adamjic told AFP. “We contacted air traffic control, who then contacted the pilots,” he said.

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