War of words before elections, CM Shivraj called Kamal Nath a frustrated old man

MP Politics: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouha has made a big attack on former Chief Minister Kamal Nath regarding the promissory note of Congress. On Sunday, the CM said, ‘The language that Kamal Nath is speaking is only spoken by a frustrated person. Sometimes he becomes a prophet. He calls himself the future Chief Minister. Sometimes they start watching almanac. After tomorrow comes the day after tomorrow. Will see You are a senior leader. Introduce restraint. If a worker standing in the street speaks such a language, it seems fine. Told the promissory note as ‘pretense letter’. He said that this is a hypocrisy letter of the Congress. He tweets everyday, ‘loan waiver for all, employment’. They did not fulfill the promises made in their promissory note and are now pretending. Showing dreams. Write who can write what for dreams. Regarding the meeting with Uma Bharti, the Chief Minister said, ‘Uma ji is my sister and a very respected leader. Discussion and consultation with them continues.’

Sometimes he (Kamal Nath, Cong) calls himself the future CM or starts reading the ‘Panchang’. Only a frustrated person can speak in such a language. They (Cong) never fulfilled the promises they made in their manifesto and are now showing false dreams: Madhya Pradesh CM Chouhan pic.twitter.com/Fxc2vDht20

— ANI MP/CG/Rajasthan (@ANI_MP_CG_RJ) January 22, 2023

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