Violence erupted after burning a copy of Quran in Sweden, Turkey took this action

Turkey and Sweden conflict: Relations between Turkey and Sweden are deteriorating, bitterness is increasing. A copy of the Quran has been burnt amid massive protests against Turkey in Sweden. After which the atmosphere has become more tense. Taking major action after the incident, Turkey has canceled the visit of the Defense Minister of Sweden. 

The controversy has caught fire after a copy of the Quran was burnt. Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Aker has retaliated by canceling a proposed visit to Ankara by Swedish Defense Minister Pål Johnson. Turkey’s Defense Minister has said that the proposed Ankara visit of Sweden’s Defense Minister will not happen now. He said that now the meeting is of no importance because Sweden has approved the continuation of hate demonstrations against Turkey.

Talking to reporters after the incident, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has said that it is not right to remain silent on such an incident. We saw that no measures were taken against the heinous acts against Turkey and our President.  There is no justification for the visit of Sweden’s Defense Minister to Turkey. Please inform that this meeting was to be held on January 27, but has now been cancelled.

After the incident, Sweden’s Defense Minister Johnson tweeted that he had met Turkish Defense Minister Aker during the NATO meeting in Ramstein, Germany and both had agreed to postpone the Ankara meeting. Sweden’s relations with Turkey are very important. 

Pakistan also responded

Pakistan has also expressed anger after a copy of Quran was burnt in Sweden. Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman has said that this incident is very sad and shameful. The insult of the Holy Quran has hurt the religious sentiments of one and a half billion Muslims. Hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims does not come under freedom of expression. 

 The reason for Turkey-Sweden dispute

 There is tension between Sweden and Turkey regarding NATO membership. Sweden wants to join NATO, but Turkey is opposing Sweden’s joining NATO. There is a dispute about this only. Due to this, protests are taking place in Stockholm. A copy of the Quran has been burnt during the demonstration itself. Which Turkey is seeing as an attack on Islam. 

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