Video: When the captain of Team India said to the security guard – he is a child, let him go…

IND vs NZ, Viral Video: India defeated New Zealand by 8 wickets in Raipur ODI. At the same time, a video of this match is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Actually, the viral video on social media is during the Indian innings. A young fan reached inside the ground to meet Rohit Sharma. At that time Rohit Sharma was batting and the Indian captain’s score was around 50. What was it then… The security guards ran behind to catch that fan. During that time the security was strict with the young fan, but Rohit Sharma solved the matter easily.

‘The child is there, let it go…’

The viral video on social media is of the 10th over of the Indian innings. Actually, when the security guard caught that fan and started behaving strictly, Rohit Sharma said that he is a child, let him go… after which that young fan was taken outside the ground. However, the video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. At the same time, the fans are constantly praising Rohit Sharma. Social media users are continuously giving their feedback on Rohit Sharma and appreciating the spirit of Team India captain.

A fan invaded and Rohit Sharma told the security to just let me go, "he’s a kid".

— avinash madiwal (@madiwal_avinash) January 21, 2023

Team India lead 2-0 in the series

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