USA: 31-year-old man alone has 57 children, know this interesting story

USA Donar: If a man has 8 to 10 children in the world, then people get shocked to hear. On the other hand, if we talk about a person who has 57 children of his own. It sounds like a movie story, but it is true. 31-year-old Kyle Gardy, who lives in California, USA, has 57 children. He was able to do this because he is a sperm donor. They have children in different parts of the world. So far, by donating his sperm, he has given the pleasure of becoming a mother to 48 women i.e. 4 dozen in 9 years. 

Well, in some countries of the world, population has become a big problem. At the same time, having less population in some countries is also a cause of great trouble. Today people in the world are troubled by the problem of infertility, due to which such people have difficulty in having children. Talking about India, the total population here has crossed 140 crores. There are not many problems of infertility here, while many such cases are increasing day by day in foreign countries. Recently, such a situation has been seen in China and Japan, where low population has become a problem. 

Donated the first sperm in 2014
Kel Gardy, 31, living in California, USA, is a sperm donor. He shared with the media about his own sperm donation journey. He told that he has been doing this work for the last 9 years. He first donated the first sperm in 2014. Being the father of his 57 children proves him to be a serial sperm donor. A few days ago, he had gone to France and Britain, where he donated sperm to 3 women. The case guard is soon going to be the father of 14 more children. He first donated the first sperm in 2014.

It is necessary to take 10 hours of sleep
Kel Gardy told that to become a good sperm donor many things have to be taken care of. A good sleep should be very important for such people. It is necessary to take at least 10 hours of sleep during the day. There should not be any kind of tension. This is a very responsible job. He told that I feel very happy when a woman gets the pleasure of becoming a mother. Kel has a hard time dating because of his job as a sperm donor. He told that whenever a girl comes to know about my work, she keeps distance from me. 

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