Uproar in Peru’s capital, police entered university and then…

Peru Unrest: Controversy is going on in Peru’s capital Lima for the last several days. While the public is on the streets in the anti-government movement, the police is leaving no stone unturned to deal with the movement. Meanwhile, on Saturday night (January 21) the police entered the police station of the capital Lima and arrested more than 200 protesters. 

This university located in the capital of Peru confirmed this by issuing a press statement. According to the University of San Marcos, on Friday (January 20),  a group of masked protesters forced their way into the university campus late at night and chased away protesting university guards. 

After this the police entered and arrested more than 205 people present there. According to news agency Reuters, this has been confirmed by the top official of Peru’s crime control department. 

What did the Interior Minister of Peru say? 
About the Peru dispute, news agency AFP reported that Peru’s Interior Minister Vicente Romero said that university officials requested the government to take police action demanded saying, some criminal elements have entered their university.

According to the video shared in the reports of Reuters  , during the action in this university, the police were seen breaking the gate of the university with the help of tanks. After this, the police were seen taking many protesters to the buses, while some protesters tried to stop the buses by blocking the road. 

Why are violent movements taking place in Peru? 
The violent protests in Peru started in December last year when Dina Boluarte, overthrowing Peru’s then President Pedro Castillo, took the top spot. Took command of the post. Protesters then took to the streets demanding the resignation of Dina Boluarte and a new constitution for Peru, including holding elections in Peru. 

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