Two killed, 5 injured in knife attack on moving train in Germany

Germany Train Attack: Germany’s German daily Bild quoted a federal police spokesman as saying that a regional train in the northern German part of the country has been attacked with a knife. Two people were killed and five were injured in this attack. This attack was done on Wednesday (January 25) at 3 pm local time. The train station in Brockstad was closed for several hours following the attack.  

Local police officer Juergen Henningsen said that the attackers have been caught. However, the police did not give any information about the identity of the suspect and said that his possible motive is being investigated. Federal police said the knife attack took place while the train was traveling from Hamburg to the city of Kiel. 

Train station closed for several hours

Suspected attackers have been detained at the railway station of Brokstedt city of Germany. The train station in Brockstad was closed for several hours following the attack. However, it is not yet known how serious the condition of the injured is.

Many attacks in recent years

Many knife attacks have been carried out in Germany in recent years. These attacks have been carried out by some extremists and people suffering from other serious psychological problems. A Syrian jihadist has been jailed for life for stabbing a German man to death and seriously injuring his companion in a homophobic attack in the eastern city of Dresden in May 2021.

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