Tragic accident in Shimla, three killed, one injured after vehicle fell into deep gorge

Himachal Pradesh News: Road accidents are not taking the name of stopping in Himachal Pradesh. On Monday, a vehicle fell into a ditch on the Shoghi-Mehli bypass of Shimla. Three people lost their lives in this road accident, while one person was seriously injured. Initial investigation has revealed that due to high speed, the Mahindra Max vehicle fell into a 900 meter deep gorge. The road accident took place near Banog village on the Shoghi-Mehli bypass.

The people were residents of Punjab
The people who lost their lives in the road accident were residents of Nangal in Punjab. All of them were related to each other. The deceased have been identified as Krishan s/o Chandia Nangal Punjab, Amar s/o Zail Singh Nangal Punjab and Rajveer s/o Etwari, Ludhiana Punjab. The injured man has been identified as Lakhan s/o Balak Ram, a resident of Nangal. The injured Lakhan told that all the people in the car used to do junk work. On Monday, we all were going towards Solan, then their car fell into the ditch, due to which the accident happened.

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