Too much salt in food can make stone victim

Kidney Stone Symptoms: Human body needs to be kept very well. In such a situation, if you follow an unhealthy lifestyle even a little, then some serious disease can catch you. One of these diseases is stone disease in the stomach. Pain and swelling starts in the joint due to stones. If its patients are a little careless, then it can also take its serious form. In such a situation, you need to take special care of your lifestyle. 

Symptoms of kidney stone

Severe pain while going to toilet
Frequent visits to toilet
Severe abdominal pain
No appetite

Don’t eat salt with these things

Excess use of salt

Use of excess salt in food can prove to be very dangerous. This can cause kidney stone problems. Eating more salt in food increases the amount of calcium in the urine, due to which the risk of stone increases. 

Drinking cold drinks can be dangerous
The stone patient should keep a distance from cold drinks and tea-coffee. Stone patients have the problem of dehydration.  The acid present in cold drinks increases the risk of stone. 

Skip non-veg food

Non-veg is rich in protein, so Avoid eating it. Whenever stone is detected, salt and protein should be reduced in the food. 


Tomato is mostly used in food. The amount of oxalate is high in tomatoes. Which can prove dangerous for a patient with stones. If you like tomato better, then remove its seeds before adding it to the vegetable. 

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