Today there is definitely a shortage of flour in Pakistan, but once upon a time this Pakistani used to eat 100 rotis alone.

Pakistan Economy Crisis: At present the economic situation in Pakistan is not right. There is even a shortage of food for the people there. The government of Pakistan is also seeking loan from the neighboring country to improve the condition of the country. If we talk about food items in Pakistan, then its prices are also skyrocketing. The price of one kilo of flour in the country is Rs 150 to 200 per kg.

However, when the economic conditions were right in Pakistan, at that time there was a man who used to eat 100 rotis alone at a time. Was. A man living in Sargodha, Pakistan used to eat 100 rotis at a time. A video related to this is becoming very viral on the Internet. This man’s name is Anwar. He earns only for himself and from that he eats 100 rotis at a time. Even when he used to go to the hotel, there used to be a crowd of people to see him. Anwar’s condition is such that even after eating 100 rotis, his stomach is not full. He informed the local media that even on the days when he does not get his daily wages, he eats 20 to 25 rotis. He feels very hungry for the last 15 -20 years. Hundreds of people gather to watch them eat. A viewer told that, he does not get tired of eating, but the maker gets tired.

Pakistan has a debt of $100 billion
Pakistan currently has a debt of $100 billion. The government ruled by Pakistan’s PM Shahbaz Sharif is completely on the backfoot. Recently there has been a power crisis in the country. The whole country was in darkness. On the other hand, the government has also increased the cost of electricity. The price of government electricity in the country has been fixed at Rs 43 per unit.

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