To use Chat GPT, now you have to pay this much money

ChatGPT Professional Plan: Open AI has introduced the professional plan of Chat GPT which has created a worldwide sensation. Now people have to pay money to get quick and simple answers. In the Professional plan, people will get better service and response than the common users. Open AI’s chatbot is an AI tool based on machine learning that can answer your every question in simple words before Google. Tech joint Google is furious with this chatbot and the company had declared it a red alert for itself in the past. Meanwhile, Open AI has paid the service of ‘Chat GPT’ and its details have come to the fore. Know how much you will have to pay every month. 

This amount will have to be paid every month

If you want to use Chat GPT, then now you have to spend $ 42 per month. That is, you will have to pay about Rs 3400 every month for instant question-answers from Chat GPT. In this professional plan, compared to the common users, people will have the advantage that even when there is heavy traffic or high demand on the website, they will get answers to the questions, while for common users, the website will be closed in a way. Apart from this, people will get to see better speed than standard and many updates in the Professional plan. 

Are you ready to pay $42/month for professional version of ChatGPT?

— Miroslav Kovac (@vigourmike) January 21, 2023

Let us tell you, this chatbot has been prepared by Open AI. Open AI is a company doing research on artificial intelligence, which was started in 2015 by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. Recently Chat GPT and Microsoft have come together so that this tech giant can compete with Google. Experts associated with this field believe that in the coming 1 to 2 years, Chat GPT will end or reduce Google’s search business in a way. 

If you have not used it yet, then run it like this in mobile

If you have not used Chat GPT yet or are not familiar with its capabilities, you can do so through your mobile phone.

-First of all you go to the official website of openAI on the browser. 
– Here you will get the option of Chat GPT on which you have to click. Then you have to sign-up. 
– After signing-up, your account will open. Here you can ask anything to the chatbot by typing your question in the search bar.

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