This long car of the President is no less than a ‘tank’, the price and features will blow your mind!

Droupadi Murmu Car: Today India is celebrating 74th Republic Day. On this special occasion, a parade was organized on the ‘Kartavya Path’ of Delhi. The President of the country as the chief guest at the parade Draupadi Murmu attended. The President arrived in one of the most secure cars in the world to watch the parade. This car belongs to the Mercedes company, which is called the S600 Pullman Guard Limousine. It is considered one of the safest cars in the world.

You will be surprised to know the price!

This Khar has been prepared in a very special way, because the security of the President is most important in the country. To avoid any kind of lapse in the security of the President, special care is taken of the necklace in the car. The cost of this car is around 9 crores. Do not be surprised, because even a bullet has no effect on this car.

Explosive also has no effect

Explosives also do not affect the Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard. The occupants inside are provided with a high level of safety in this car. If reports are to be believed, even 15 kg of TNT explosives from a distance of 2 meters have no effect on this car. At the same time, even the bullets of AK-47 cannot harm it.

Car will not explode

Self-sealing fuel has been installed in this car of the President. Even if there is any kind of attack, fuel will never leak from the car. Along with this, the tire of this car also never gets punctured. In any critical situation, the person sitting inside can be kept safe.

Top class features

Tell that the President of India is the Supreme Commander of the three armies as well as the constitutional head. This car has been designed keeping in mind their safety. Every technology used in the car is top notch. Can’t even kill a bird around the convoy.

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