This country is a bigger threat to India than Pakistan, this person claimed about national security

Military Threat To India: There have been differences between India and China regarding the border for a long time. Meanwhile, in a survey, America has been considered a bigger threat to India than Pakistan. Professor Muktdar Khan, Founding Director of the Islamic Studies Program at Delaware University, America, has also mentioned this survey. According to the Morning Consult survey, most Indian citizens now see China as the biggest military threat to the country. Shockingly, Indians see America as a military threat after China.

In the Morning Consult survey, 43 per cent people named China, while only 13 per cent mentioned long-time rival Pakistan.

Which country is the biggest threat to India?

Who is to blame for the Ukraine war?

Morning Consult is a global business intelligence company. 1,000 adult Indians took part in this survey. The authors of the survey report have argued that the Ukraine war has generated a new wave of support for non-alignment in India, as it uses its close ties with both the US and Russia to navigate its confrontational relationship with China. trying to use. The survey found that more Indians blame the US and NATO for the Ukraine war than Russia.

How guilty are the US and NATO?

According to the survey report, 38 percent of Indian adults blame Russia for the war in Ukraine. At the same time, 26 percent people blame America and 18 percent people blame NATO. Those who blame the US and NATO outnumber those who blame Russia for the Ukraine war. The survey found that Indians also want the government to continue buying oil from Russia and hold military exercises with the country.

India has good friendship with which country?

A survey report released by Morning Consult states that as tensions between the US and China escalate, Indians may be concerned about being caught in the middle of a US-China conflict, which destabilizes regional security and puts India at risk. In the survey, most of the people have taken the name of Russia regarding India’s most friendly relation. America ranks next in friendship with India after Russia. 

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