The weakness of not being able to capitalize on the penalty corner fell heavily on India, had to be ruled out of the World Cup

Hockey World Cup 2023: Sunday evening was very sad for the hockey fans of India. For 48 years, the wait to name the World Cup title has become longer. India had to face defeat at the hands of New Zealand in a very tight match. With this defeat, India’s journey in the World Cup being played in its own home ended. The biggest disappointment was that despite playing at home, the Indian team could not even make it to the quarter-finals. The real reason for India’s defeat was not being able to convert penalty corners.

When the Indian team won the bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics, the hope of returning to the golden days of hockey was raised within the fans. Fans were expected to repeat the same performance in the World Cup as well. Actually, the real reason for India’s success in Tokyo Olympics was to capitalize on penalty corners. India got 31 penalty corners in the Tokyo Olympics, out of which they managed to convert 10.

The journey ends in the World Cup

Not being able to capitalize on the penalty corner in the crossover match played against New Zealand cost India dearly. India got four corners within the 22nd to 24th minute of the match. But Indian players were able to beat the goalkeeper only once. India earned a total of 10 penalty corners during the entire match. Despite this, the score remained tied at 3-3 in the stipulated time. 

In the 52nd minute of the match, India had a chance to convert the penalty corner into a goal. Although the Indian players missed there too. This mistake of Indian players was so heavy that its journey in the World Cup came to an end.

Hockey World Cup 2023: New Zealand wins crossover match in penalty shootout, hosts India out of World Cup

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