The villagers thrashed the fake policeman who came to cheat, five miscreants ran away after saving their lives

Rajasthan News: Due to high cybercrime in Mewat area of ​​Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, the police of other states of the country keeps on raiding here and the miscreants of Mewat area of ​​Haryana also take advantage of this. are picking up. Every day some miscreants come here dressed as Haryana Police and take the youth here after making them accused of cybercrime and then release them after demanding ransom from their relatives.

Villagers caught and thrashed a fake policeman
People of Bharatpur’s Jurhara police station area caught hold of one such fake Haryana policeman and thrashed him. After beating, people handed over the fake policeman to the police. According to the information, in Jirhera village of Jurhara police station area, yesterday on Saturday, around 6 miscreants reached Jirhera village riding in a Bolero. A young man named Ismail of the village recognized them, he said that these people have come as fake policemen. After this the villagers broke down on those fake policemen. Five of them managed to escape in a Bolero, but one was caught by the villagers, thrashed and then handed over to the police.

A person named Ismail took a ransom of 6 lakhs
Ismail told that on January 19, when Ismail had gone to Zurhara town for some work, these people took him away from Zurhara town. Was picked up by telling Haryana Police. After this, the miscreants contacted Ismail’s family and took 6 lakh rupees in lieu of leaving him. Later Ismail’s relatives came to know that they were fake policemen who cheated them of Rs 6 lakh. This is how miscreants pick up people by posing as fake policemen and take ransom from people’s relatives by accusing them of cheating.

The accused is a resident of Shahjahan in Haryana
Yesterday, when the fake policemen reached Jihera village, Ismail recognized them and informed the villagers that they were fake policemen. When Ismail tried to catch them along with the villagers, 5 miscreants ran away while one miscreant was caught by the villagers and thrashed fiercely. At present, Ismail has lodged a complaint against the accused in Zurhara police station. The name of the arrested accused is Sajid, who is a resident of Shahjahan area of ​​Haryana.

What do the police have to say 
Jurhara police station in-charge Jayaprakash told that information was received that a person has been caught in Jirehra village, after which Japta was sent from the police station and the person caught Information was taken by taking custody.  The villagers told that this person, along with other people, takes people away from here on coming days and leaves them after taking money from them by posing as fake police officers. In this regard, a person named Ismail has registered a case. The arrested person Sajja alias Shahjahan is being interrogated about his other accomplices.  

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