Terrorist incident took place in Udaipur 37 years ago, former ASP injured in the incident told the story

1986 Udaipur Terror Attack:  Many major terrorist incidents have happened in the country. Several operations were also carried out by the army and security forces against terrorist incidents.  Among all these operations, there is one such operation, which is remembered by the country and the world. That is Operation Blue Star. After this operation, the terrorists associated with it, Sukhwinder Singh Sukhi and Harjinder Singh Jinda, carried out the terrorist incident in Udaipur city as well. Two police officers also lost their lives due to being shot in it. This terrorist incident took place in Udaipur on 16 April 1986. Retired ASP Suresh Chandra Pandya, who was injured due to bullet injury in this incident, told ABP the whole incident of that day.

This incident happened
Retired ASP Suresh Chandra Pandya told that the matter took place between 12 to 14 April 1986. Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology has a JC Bose Hostel in Udaipur. Due to some reason a dispute was going on between the students living here and the youth of the Sindhi community. Fighting was also taking place in the dispute. Due to the big issue, a heavy patrol was deployed in Udaipur. At that time I was posted as Deputy SP in Salumber Tehsil of Udaipur. Means that circle used to come under me. I got a call from the higher officials and was told to come to the city immediately to control the situation. I came to Udaipur, because I was a senior officer, so I was made in charge of the control room. At that time the control room was located at Surajpole gate near Surajpole election, one of the main intersections of the city.

Goed on the information of fire, when he came, the car was stopped and inquiry was being done
He further told that the dispute was increasing a lot in the city. For this reason heavy police force was deployed in the entire city. I was in charge of the control room and RAS officer Vajpayee was also with me. At that time, rumors were coming to the control room from many places that there was a fight, there was vandalism. Similarly, an information came that firecrackers shop has been set on fire. Me and RAS Vajpayee both came out with a car and reached that shop, then the rumor spread. After this did a little round of the city and saw the situation. After half an hour i.e. around 1 o’clock in the night, reached the police control room at Surajpole. When he reached there, he saw that the Jabta deployed had stopped the car, in which two boys were sitting inside the car and two were sitting outside. Police was interrogating them and Jabta was also telling them that officers have arrived, now talk to them.

In the sudden firing, I was injured and two policemen lost their lives
Suresh Chandra Pandya further told that we reached the control room and a chair and table were placed outside the gate. While sitting there, a young man was seen coming from our side. He had the car papers in his hand. Because he suspected that he would not survive now, a young man who was standing outside pulled a gun and fired. That fire hit my chest on the left side and the bullet went through. At that time it was not known that much what happened and at the same time the young man who was bringing the documents. He reached to me. Before he fired the second shot, I made the young man who came near me my shield. Means took it in front of him, so that he could not fire on me. Meanwhile, the gun-taunting young man fired another shot which hit RAS Bajpai’s hand. The entire party dispersed and went to the control room. Meanwhile, sub-inspector Rajendra Singh Shekhawat came round and saluted me. Meanwhile, he saw that the young man was standing with a pistol. When he caught hold of him, he fired at him, due to which he fainted and fell down. At the same time, Roshan Lal Mathur, posted as Reserve Inspector, was looking out of the window inside the control room, when the young man fired at him. During this entire incident, I held that young man as my shield, because I had also been shot and had fainted, so he left me and all four ran away in the car. Sub Inspector Rajendra Singh Shekhawat and Reserve Inspector Roshan Lal lost their lives in this incident.

He was happy and alive, who had come out to avenge Operation Blue Star
When I got shot, I called the higher authorities. After that everyone ran back to catch them, but all the youths had left. We were admitted to the hospital. After research, it came to light that the youths who had left Udaipur after committing a terrorist incident are Sukhwinder Singh Sukhi and Harjinder Singh Zinda along with two other youths. Actually, in the year 1984, the Operation Blue Star happened. To avenge that Operation Blue Star, both Zinda and Sukhi were preparing their teams. These people were planning to kill General Vaidya. He was going to Pune in Maharashtra via Udaipur to kill General Vaidya. Meanwhile, due to the dispute in Udaipur, due to deployment of police force, he was stopped in the blockade. Later he also killed General Vaidya and he was also punished by the court.

Daughters fighting for the honor of their father
Ruchi Shekhawat, daughter of SI Rajendra Singh Shekhawat, who lost his life in the terrorist incident, told that she was 10 years old when the incident happened and The younger sister was a few months old. It is said that there is not one martyr, there is a whole family. The same happened with my family. Instead of father, mother got a job in the police, yet she brought us up while facing difficulties. Made two demands from the government for his respect.  The first is that they should be given gallantry and secondly the place where the incident took place. There the road should be named after him in his memory. The file has also been sent to the CM. We have been demanding continuously since the year 2019, but no action has been taken so far. 

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