Tera naam likh diya… means name is pulling, teacher teaching grammar through songs in Rohtas

Rohtas: Grammar is being taught through songs in a school in the district. Its video was fiercely gathering headlines. The teacher in the video is Nandini, who often adopts new techniques for teaching. Even before this many of his videos have gone viral. The new video is also of the class room. People are sharing this and this comment also teachers should teach the subject in the same way by making it interesting. In this video, she is teaching grammar lessons to children through different songs.

Know who is male and who is female by singing.

You can see in the video how teacher Nandini was telling the children the difference between male and female by singing songs. Singing song with name written your name, means name is pulling. Your protection protects me, uniform means uniform is feminine. Earth is golden, amber is blue, weather is colorful, meaning earth is feminine while amber and weather are masculine. The video of a teacher teaching Hindi grammar through songs is going viral.

Videos of Nandini have gone viral before

Teacher Nandini teaches at Bhediya Suara, a middle school in Rohtas district. Nandini tells that when she used to study herself, she used to get confused about a word, then she used to remove the gender related problem by singing a song related to that word.  Said that the children have benefited a lot when they started using this experience in teaching. Children are also showing interest in studies and study with great pleasure.

Classroom turned studio! Teacher teaches grammar through songs! The video is from Rohtas. The female teacher is teaching the children in a new way in an interesting way… The teacher of Middle School Bhediya Suara is Nandini who is becoming fiercely viral…… Listen.. .. Video- Ranjan Singh .Edited By- @sinhamegha8 pic.twitter.com/a72tqhe5wS

— Prakash Kumar (@kumarprakash4u) January 22, 2023

General Studies Attendance

Nandini has been doing innovation in teaching in the past as well. She also strengthens the general studies of the children through the attendance she takes in her class. For example, in attendance, children sometimes take names of states in turn. Sometimes the name of the capital, sometimes of the Mughal emperor etc. is taken. The video of teaching science to children through sports has also been in discussion. The video of memorizing the names of 16 Mahajanpadas and capitals through the game method also went viral. Nandni says that the aim of teaching in this way is inclusive education, quality, creative and burden-free learning. Due to which the effect of interesting and  activity based education in children is quite positive. Children understand and remember the text easily.

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