Such pampering is heavy on your child and digestion gets worse… change this habit today itself

Child Health Care: If you are also among those parents, who keep walking behind their child with a plate of food all the time that son eat this… take a bite and eat. .. It’s time to eat, eat food… So know that by doing this you are not improving your child’s health, but unknowingly you are spoiling his health. We are saying this because food should not be given to the child by looking at the time but by looking at his hunger. Only then his health gets more benefit. Otherwise, the child’s stomach may get upset or digestion may be weak…

The feeling of hunger is important

  • When you feed your small child something or the other all the time without hunger, the child may eat it because of the taste or eat it when you say it, but it does not make him aware of what hunger is. . Just as a small child is taught to stand, sit and walk, in the same way the senses are also developed in his body. One of these is the feeling of being hungry.
  • Until your child is only on milk diet, he can explain his point by crying when he is hungry. But when he starts eating food, you keep trying to feed him something or the other all the time out of love. Due to this, the child is not able to know about hunger. It has two disadvantages, the first is that the child does not understand the feeling of hunger and the second is that its digestion becomes weak.

Why children have poor digestion?

  • The child’s body does not get full time for digestion due to repeated feeding of one or the other and the body does not get nutrition properly, due to which the body may become weak. Weak body does not always mean that the child becomes thin, but his body can also gain more weight.
  • You have to understand that 80 percent of the body’s immunity ie immunity is in the digestive tract. Is. So let the appetite develop properly in the child’s digestive system, let him feel himself that he has to eat something… This process is very important to increase immunity.

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