Streets of Bengaluru decorated with pink flowers, photos viral on social media

Bengaluru Turns Into Pink Paradise: After taking the name of trees laden with flowers like Cherry Blossom, the name of Japan comes to mind first, but recently pictures of such beautiful flowers are attracting everyone’s attention on social media these days. Is. Actually, once again the streets of Bengaluru are filled with pink flowers. Seeing these beautiful pictures of Bangalore, you too will lose your heart.

These days the whole city is decorated like a bouquet. In fact, between the months of January to March, Tabebuia Rosea trees take over the streets of the city with their cherry blossom hue. Let us tell you that the flowers of a foreign species named Tabebuia Rosea bloom here. The weather of the city becomes buzzing with these flowers, whose pictures are dominated on social media these days.

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Everyone is looking at the beauty of nature at this time. The pink hue spreading like this in Bengaluru can be attributed to the Tabebuia flowers, which bloom every year around spring. These days Tabebuia rosea trees are blooming in the city and spreading their pink noor all around. Social media is abuzz with pictures of Bengaluru’s pink trees, which are being shared by the people of the city every day. Karnataka Tourism has also shared these pictures through its official Twitter handle.

The official Twitter handle of the Karnataka Tourism Department has also shared stunning pictures of tall trees adorned with pink flowers. Photos are becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. At the same time, on other social media platforms like Instagram, users are sharing beautiful pictures of tall trees decorated with these pink flowers.

These days a large number of people go out for city walks in the evening and admire this beauty. During this, people taking selfies on the streets are witnessing the beauty of nature. On the other hand, seeing these pictures viral on social media, many people are wondering whether these are pictures of Japan, but in response to such questions, the people of Bengaluru are proudly writing, ‘This is not Japan, this is Bengaluru’. ‘

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