Story of Australian ex-soldier who lost both legs to save daughters

Australia Brave Dad: Dave Milne, a former Australian defense man, lost both his legs while trying to save his two daughters. He went to the US California Ski Resort for a walk. Where both his daughters had come in front of the ice cutting machine. Seeing the daughters, came in front of the machine to save them and lost both legs. 

During the accident, Dave Milne’s left leg was amputated above the knee and  the right leg above the heel. However, during this accident, his three-year-old daughter Isla broke her leg and one-year-old daughter Anna suffered minor injuries. Australian ex-soldier Dame Milne lived with her family in San Diego, USA, but the family returned to Australia after the accident. Gone. 

Dave was conscious during the accident

There are a total of 4 people in Dave Milne’s family. His wife’s name is Clare. In the accident that happened last month, daughter Isla was immediately admitted to the nearest hospital, but in order to save the daughters, she was left trapped in the machine. After the accident, the rescue team reached the spot and helped in evacuating Dave. Surprisingly, Dave was conscious during the accident. 

Many bones in the body were broken

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