Stones pelted at students watching BBC documentary in JNU, march taken out due to power-internet shutdown; 10 things

  1. Students marched to the police station to lodge a complaint regarding stone pelting on students watching BBC documentary. Students say that they want to return to their hostels but are scared of ABVP students. They want the Delhi Police to help them in returning to the hostel.
  2. A few days ago, JNU had decided not to show the BBC documentary, but JNUSU has announced that it will screen the documentary for its students. After this there was a dispute. BBC’s ‘India: The Modi Question’ documentary series is based on the Gujarat Riots, when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of the state.
  3. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU Student Union) student union president Ayesha Ghosh claimed that the JNU administration had cut off the electricity. Along with this, the internet has also been closed. However, power was later restored in the campus.
  4. Aishe Ghosh, president of the Left-backed Students’ Federation of India, had said, “We will watch the documentary through mobiles using the QR code.” JNU administration was not available for response in this matter. The JNU administration refused to allow the screening of the documentary.
  5. After the ‘blackout’, the students went to a cafeteria inside the campus, where they watched the documentary on their cellphones and laptops. Sources said that while he was watching the documentary, some stones were thrown at him from behind the bushes.
  6. The central government on Friday ordered the blocking of tweets sharing a BBC documentary critical of PM Modi. The JNU administration had warned that disciplinary action would be taken if the documentary was shown.
  7. The students’ union had questioned the JNU administration that by showing the documentary, which rules of the university are they violating? The students union has said that they are not spoiling the communal harmony by showing this documentary.
  8. After this, the students took out a march raising slogans against ABVP and BJP. Left party supporters caught two students. They claim that they belong to ABVP and were pelting stones.
  9. The Government of India has termed BBC’s documentary on the Gujarat riots as propaganda against Prime Minister Modi and the country. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi had said that we do not know what is the agenda behind the documentary, but it is not fair. This is propaganda against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  10. At the same time, British PM Rishi Sunak has also opposed this documentary. In an interview, Sunak said- ‘I do not agree at all with the way Prime Minister Modi has been shown in the BBC documentary. The position of the British Government is clear. We do not tolerate violence in any part of the world.

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