Sleepiness and lethargy comes in the office, have you ever wondered what is the reason for this? know the answer

Afternoon time becomes very challenging for working professionals. The reason for this is that they feel lethargic after having lunch. In such a situation, they start googleing how to drive away this lethargy. Also, what to do to avoid post-lunch fatigue and sleepiness. But usually people are unaware that the real reason for their tiredness and lethargy is the time when they eat food. Even though it may sound very surprising, but it is true. 

Actually, there is a time throughout the day when office workers are most active, while there is also a time when they feel tired. According to a survey, people in the office are most productive between 10.22 am, while 1.27 pm is the time when they become tired and sleepy. This survey has been done by Britain’s rental agency company Office Freedom. 2000 people were included in the survey. 

When does lethargy begin? 

According to the survey, the lethargy that occurs in the afternoon is actually in people. It becomes even more when the hands of the clock reach at 1.27. Lethargy starts from this time itself and it continues till about 2.06 pm. In addition, 60 percent of employees are unable to work without experiencing high and low phases during productivity. During this, sometimes they feel like working, while sometimes they are not able to work properly due to fatigue. 

Besides eating what are other causes of lethargy? 

Experts say that the reason for spending more time in front of the computer, not taking breaks during work and not being disturbed by colleagues can also be the reason for lethargy. Because of this, one cannot concentrate on work. It has also come out in the survey that more than half of the participants worked better with their colleagues in the office than working from home. 4 out of 10 participants reported that their productivity in the office has increased.

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