Sister from abroad suddenly arrived at brother’s wedding, then something like this happened, people felt sad for the bride

Many people living outside the country miss many functions, parties, weddings and festivals. A young woman who had recently gone to UK for a job was very sad because she could not attend her brother’s wedding. But, the thought of missing her brother’s wedding made her very upset so she flew back to India and surprised her family by showing up suddenly at the wedding venue.

The video of his surprise entry is going viral after it was shared on Instagram by Humans of Bombay. The clip shows the woman finding her way through the crowd to the wedding stage. After seeing him, his mother screams with joy, while his father is also seen getting up and moving forward to hug him.

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The woman went to the UK for a job on 8 November and was married on 26 November. The woman told Humans of Bombay about the developments and said that after discussing with her colleagues, she decided that she would definitely go to the wedding. She called her brother and said that she is coming. The siblings did not inform their family about his arrival as they wanted to surprise them.

The flight back to India felt like the “longest flight” of her life as she looked forward to meeting her family. She stayed with her friend’s family and attended the wedding only when the groom was about to apply sindoor on the bride.

“I remember how surreal it felt to see Sagar as a groom when I was walking towards the mandap. I immediately felt, when did we become so big. But this was no time to get emotional so I went to my parents and hugged them tightly. As you can see, the mother jumped with excitement.

“Everyone had a look on their faces that I will never forget. I hugged Sagar and his bride Shivani and got down from the stage. I happily sat in the front row and watched him marry the girl of his dreams. I was very happy. He is my brother, my best friend and honestly, I would go anywhere to be a part of his happiness.

However, people did not like this surprise entry. Because many argued that it took the focus away from the bride and focused on the woman. One user commented, ‘I feel a little bit for the bride. Affection and all the limelight should be on him.. I understand the love for his brother but the time could have been different.

Another user wrote, “Don’t get me wrong. But it’s not right to divert all the attention at such an important moment in the life of your brother and sister-in-law.” Feels a little sorry for not entering at the time of Sindoor, which should have been special and tremendous in itself.”

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