Severe cold is falling in Afghanistan, so far 157 people have died in January

Afghanistan Cold Temperature: At present, it is getting bitterly cold in Taliban ruled country Afghanistan. So far 157 people have died in Afghanistan due to cold. On the other hand, 77 cattle have also died due to cold. The most dangerous cold is coming in the history of Afghanistan so far. Some areas of Afghanistan recorded minus 28 degree Celsius. 

Two-thirds of the population in crisis
According to the United Nations Human Rights (UNOCHA), out of the total population of Afghanistan, 20 million  83 lakh people have been affected more by the cold. These are the people who need immediate help to stay alive. The country’s population is 4 crore 1 lakh, which means two-thirds of the country’s population is going through a crisis due to winter. 

UNOCHA provided help
Afghanistan’s Management Minister Mohammad Abbas Akhund informed that most of the deaths due to cold in the country are happening in rural areas. He said that due to lack of health facilities in rural areas, deaths are taking place. At the same time, due to heavy snowfall, the Afghanistan-Pakistan National Highway has been jammed. However, during this period, the United Nations Human Rights (UNOCHA)  has so far provided blankets, shelters and humanitarian aid to 5 lakh 65 thousand people across the country. 

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