Safalta Ki Kunji: This one thing is the biggest enemy of success, it ruins life

Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts in Hindi:  Anger is such a thing that a person can never achieve success. This destroys a person’s relationship and his consciousness. Because in anger a person takes such steps, which can ruin not only his life but also the lives of others. Anger ends only with remorse. Therefore anger should be avoided as far as possible.

In the sermon of Gita, Lord Krishna also gives the message to Arjuna to stay away from anger. Because in anger a person cannot understand the difference between good and bad. Acharya Chanakya also says in his policy, that a person should avoid anger. Scholars also believe that anger and ego are the biggest enemies of a person, due to which the person always gets trapped in troubles and can never achieve success.

What is anger

Just like there are two sides of a coin, in the same way there are two sides of human nature. There is both love and anger in it. Anger is such a feeling, due to which there is a change in human behavior. Due to this the mental condition of the person deteriorates. Along with anger, things like laziness, fear, sleep, drowsiness, ego also create obstacles on the way to success. People who have these demerits can never be successful.

Hate anger to achieve success

  • The moment anger takes up residence in a person’s mind, the same moment his thinking power becomes zero and in the absence of thinking power, he also becomes zero in taking the right decision.
  • Any work The most important thing for success is determination. But in the state of anger, the resolution of the person also becomes weak. In anger, one cannot differentiate between right and wrong.
  • Stay engaged in the activities of your goal, it is also beneficial to achieve success and do not get angry.
  • < li>The only way to avoid anger is to engage in more and more activities. Because creativity brings ease and tolerance in nature, which makes it possible to overcome anger.

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