Russia Ukraine War: ‘Will blow up all tanks and rockets’, Russia openly threatens NATO

Russia Ukraine War: Russia is angry with NATO countries for helping Ukraine. Expressing anger on NATO countries, Russia has threatened. Significantly, NATO countries have increased military aid to Ukraine. This is the only thing that is bothering Russia. 

Tell us that many countries including America, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden have talked about giving modern weapons to Ukraine. According to media reports, Ukraine is going to get Abrams tank from America, Challenger-2 tank from Britain and Leopard tank from Germany. Responding to this, Russia said that even after these weapons, there will be no difference in health. Russia has threatened that it will destroy the tanks of these countries as easily as any NATO weapons. 

Russia is worried 

Meanwhile, Western military experts say that Russia is worried after the help it receives from Ukraine and anger can be seen in the response given by it. According to experts, the Russian army is already retreating in eastern Ukraine. In such a situation, with the help of state-of-the-art tanks, missiles, rockets, armored vehicles, the Ukrainian army can launch a tremendous counterattack. 

Russian ambassador told America responsible 

Russian Ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, said that the steps of the US, Britain and Germany would only aggravate the crisis. All countries should think once before taking such decisions. Now the matter has gone ahead. He said in an interview with Russia Today that if Ukraine decides to deploy M1 Abrams tanks from the US, it will undoubtedly be destroyed like other NATO weapons. 

The Russian ambassador further claimed that the reason for the war is America. America has sponsored everything. Let us tell you that America has decided to send more than 30 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. However, the official announcement has not been made yet.

According to media reports, it may take a month to reach these tanks sent by America to Ukraine. An official said the tanks would be purchased under the upcoming Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative package, which provides funding for weapons and equipment to be purchased from commercial vendors.

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