Rapper Santy Sharma, who created a buzz on social media with his songs, will again bring a beautiful song for his fans.

In today’s time, everyone wants to create a different identity for himself. It has often been seen that no matter what field we are in, but without art our life is completely incomplete. In such a situation, our love for singers and artists increases. Although there are many areas of music, but in the new era, rap culture has increased a lot. New age people like to listen to rap very much. If seen, there are many rappers in the country, who have made their own identity. There are many rappers including Badshah, Honey Singh, Raftaar, King, whose songs are liked by the people. At the same time, there are some artists who have rap as well as melodic songs in their songs. If seen, recently the demand for melody songs and rap songs seems to be increasing a lot. Santi Sharma is one such Indian singer who writes songs and also raps. He is a resident of Ratlam in MP. Last year his song went viral.

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In the coming days, Santi Sharma can soon give the best songs to his fans. He has also given hints on social media. The music industry in India has grown a lot. India’s independent artists like Emiway Bantai, MC Stan, MC INSANE, etc. are recognized with their own songs without the support of any major music label. have made.

Ganesh Sharma aka Santi Sharma is an Indian singer, rapper and songwriter who was born on 09 September 1996 in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh. Santi Sharma started his musical career in 2016. After that he released many songs on YouTube and musical streaming platforms. Santi Sharma has already launched many of his original songs like Suni Suni Sadko, Udaan, Koshish Meri, Tribute, Killeen, Peeta Daru, Mujhe Pyar Kar, Ek Thi Meri Girlfriend, Black Heart etc.

Hope we get to hear many good and great music in the days to come. In today’s era, youth are making a different identity for themselves through rap.

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