Quran burnt in Sweden enrages Muslim countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Qatar

Quran Burning Issue: Recently Sweden is trying to join NATO. Due to this, the issue related to NATO between Turkey and Sweden got involved in the dispute demonstrations.  A member can join NATO only when all the members agree. Meanwhile, Turkey is protesting against Sweden joining NATO.

The controversy over joining Sweden with NATO started from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Where the people involved in the protest demonstrated outside the Turkish Embassy. During this demonstration, Stram Kurs Rasmus Paludan, leader of the far-right Danish political party, burnt the Quran. Many Muslim countries have condemned Sweden for burning the Quran. Responding to this, some supporters of Turkey burnt the national flag of Sweden. 

Which Muslim countries reacted to the burning of Quran 

Quran is the most sacred book for Muslim religion. Because of this, most of the Muslim countries present in the world have registered their reaction against Sweden. In this Turkey, Pakistan and other countries have objected to the burning of Quran.

Pakistan- On burning Quran, Pakistan said that such work hurts the religious sensibilities of 1.5 billion Muslim people present in the world. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that such things do not come under the jurisdiction of Freedom of Speech. In Freedom of Speech, many things are related to International Who Meterion. Pakistan said that Islam is a religion of peace and we respect and honor all the people in the world who belong to religions other than Muslims.

Turkey- Turkey’s foreign ministry said in a statement, "Despite our repeated warnings, today (January 21) our holy book Quran was attacked in Sweden. We condemn it in the strongest terms  It is completely wrong to allow this anti-Islamic act targeting Muslims and insulting our sacred values ​​under the garb of freedom of speech.

Kuwait- Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah said in statements carried by state news agency KUNA, "This incident hurts the sentiments of Muslims across the world and is a sign of grave provocation." They urged the international community to stop such outrageous acts and to condemn all forms of hate extremism and take responsibility for holding the perpetrators to account.

Saudi Arabia- The Saudi Foreign Ministry said in a statement, "Saudi Arabia urges to spread the values ​​of dialogue, tolerance and coexistence and rejects hatred and extremism." United Arab Emirates said it "All practices aimed at destabilizing security and stability in violation of human and ethical values ​​and principles" was against.

Qatar- Qatar condemns Swedish authorities’ permission to burn the Holy Quran and urges the international community to uphold its responsibilities to reject hatred and violence.

Iran- Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani termed it as an attempt to incite hatred and violence against Muslims, saying that some European countries under the false pretext of advocating for freedom of speech "Extremist and fundamentalist elements have been allowed to spread hatred against Islamic values ​​and values."

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