‘Pyaar ki jeet ka matlab…’ This actress recited ballads in praise of Shahrukh after the release of ‘Pathan’

Shah Rukh Khan Pathaan: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s much awaited film Pathan has hit the theaters today i.e. on January 25. Theaters have become houseful on the very first day and ballads are being read in praise of ‘Pathan’ on social media. Actress Swastika Mukherjee has made a tweet about Shahrukh’s film, which has attracted everyone’s attention.

Why were people doing Shahrukh’s film Pathan? 

Actually, a user has tweeted about ‘Pathan’, ‘Most people are not going to watch Pathan because they were waiting for the film, but because everyone wants Shahrukh to win against that hatred. Wants to see happened, which we expected’.

I don’t think SRK fans care about hate, it doesn’t even register as far as SRK is concerned. We want to see him on the big screen. It’s been years. Nothing else will ever matter, and he has taught us how to love. And love wins = SRK wins ❤️❤️

— Swastika Mukherjee (@swastika24) January 25, 2023

Swastika praises Shahrukh

Responding to this user’s tweet, Swastika Mukherjee wrote, ‘I don’t think Shahrukh Khan’s fans care about hatred, it doesn’t even matter as far as Shahrukh is concerned. We want to see them on the big screen. It’s been many years and nothing has ever mattered except that and he taught us how to love. The victory of love means the victory of Shahrukh.

These stars worked in ‘Pathan’

Shah Rukh returns to the screen after four years

Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. This movie flopped badly at the box office. However, meanwhile Shahrukh Khan has done cameos in films like ‘Rocketry’ and ‘Brahmastra’.

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