Protests intensify after Quran burning, Turkish President Erdogan warns Sweden

Trukey and Sweden Conflict: After a copy of the Quran was burnt outside the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, the controversy seems to be catching on. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reacted after the Quran burning incident. He has clearly stated that Sweden should not expect Turkey’s support to join NATO countries. 

He further said that no one has the freedom to insult anyone’s religion and religion. Everyone should take care of each other’s feelings. Earlier, many Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan have expressed displeasure over the burning of Quran, the holy book of Islam in Sweden. 

Sweden apologizes 

Sweden’s Prime Minister has apologized for burning Quran. He wrote in tweeting that freedom of expression is a fundamental part of democracy, but what is legal is not necessary. For many people, burning holy books is a very reprehensible act. I express my sympathies to all Muslims hurt by what happened in Stockholm. 

What is the Sweden-Turkey dispute 
Actually, Sweden had applied for NATO membership. That’s why Turkey stopped it from becoming a member of NATO, because while joining NATO, if any member country opposes, then the new country does not get the membership of NATO. Turkey is already a member of NATO. This is the reason why the people of Sweden are angry with Turkey.

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