PM Modi’s dialogue with NCC cadets, said- working on Vibrant Border Area Program

PM Modi Interact With NCC Cadets: PM Modi on Wednesday interacted with NCC cadets, NSS volunteers and artists participating in this year’s Republic Day programme. During this, the Prime Minister said that one gets energy by talking to the youth. Inspiration comes from the enthusiasm of the youth. The young generation of the country is ready to shoulder the responsibility. The PM said that the Vibrant Border Areas program is being worked on and the facility is being developed. 

The Prime Minister said that NCC and NSS are such organizations, which connect the young generation with national goals and national concerns. In the last few weeks, I got a chance to meet the youth. Dialogue with youth is important for me for 2 reasons, one is because youth have energy, freshness, passion and newness. All the positivity through youth continues to inspire me. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi further said that the second youth represents the aspirations and dreams of the country. The biggest beneficiaries of a developed India are also the youth. The biggest responsibility of building the country is also on the shoulders of the youth. In this nectar of freedom, you all represent the aspirations and dreams of the country. He said that the new opportunities available to the youth in the country today are unprecedented. 

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