PATHAAN will be the perfect blockbuster film! Lakhs of tickets have been sold, fans told King Khan’s film – historical

Bollywood’s King Khan i.e. Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan has been released today, for which the fans were eagerly waiting. On the other hand, Pathan, who earns crores in terms of advance booking, is being described as a perfect Bollywood blockbuster by film experts. While even before its release, Shahrukh Khan’s film has made many records in its name. Along with this, lakhs of tickets have been sold in PVR Cinemas as well, which is proving to be a blockbuster. However, many theaters seem to be benefiting a lot from this.

In fact, a post has been shared on the Twitter account of PVR Cinemas, which states, ‘#Pathan is going to be a perfect Bollywood blockbuster as 3.6 lakh movie tickets have been sold! While the counting is still going on. Have you booked yours?’ Along with this, the fans are also seen giving their reaction to this post. One user wrote, ‘King Khan stardom, Dhamaka blockbuster Pathan film.’ Another user has described the film as historical. On the other hand, the third user has shared the sorrow of not being able to book the ticket for the film in the comment.

Let me tell you, Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham starrer Pathan is releasing today i.e. on 25 January. At the same time, the film is seen crossing the figure of 40 crores in terms of earning. While there has been no press conference and interview of the film. Although King Khan is seen answering questions from his fans in Ask SRK through his Twitter account.

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