Party held in church during Korana epidemic, Vatican is investigating against the priest

London Church Lockdown Adult Party: An adult party was held at St. Mary’s Newcastle Cathedral in London during the lockdown during the Corona epidemic. Party in the Church Organized by the then Dean Father Michael McCoy. According to the report of The Sante Times, the pastor called people here in 2020 when the church was vacant. In the year 2021, Pastor Michael committed suicide. The Vatican is investigating this very priest.

How the party was revealed

The Vatican has handed over the command of the investigation of the lockdown ‘adult party’ in the church to the Archbishop of Liverpool. In fact, this party was revealed during the investigation into the resignation of Bishop Robert Beurne of Hexham, Roman Catholic Church. Bishop Robert Byrne resigned from his post in December 2022. Father Michael McCoy, Dean of St Mary’s Newcastle Cathedral, was to replace Bishop Robert as Dean.

The Vatican is investigating the matterto the archbishop Have been asked to give a ‘thorough report’ of the events leading up to Bishop Byron’s resignation. The Sunday Times had given information about the party held at Newcastle Cathedral. But there is nothing written in it that confirms Bishop Byron’s involvement in this party or knowing about it. 

When the priest asked would you attend the party?

Father Michael McCoy was the dean of St Mary’s Newcastle Cathedral during the lockdown. He is said to have asked some worshipers if they would like to attend an ‘adult party’ inside the premises attached to St Mary’s Cathedral. Many people who went to this church had revealed in the year 2021 that Father Michael had asked them to come to the party. This party was organized in the church at a time when no public gathering was allowed anywhere in the country. 

priest commits suicide

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