Parents should do this work if the lie of the child comes to the fore

How to React When Your Teenage  Kid is Lying:  Teenage- This is the time in every child’s life when it becomes very important to teach them right from wrong. And, this is the time when children do not want to hear right and wrong. They want to believe and listen to what they want to do. Especially the education of the parents seems like lectures to most of the children. To avoid this, he does not even hesitate to lie. In such a situation, if you come to know that your teenage kid is lying then how will you react. Because only your reaction will decide whether the child will repeat the same mistake again or not. So before changing the child, you yourself should know the right way to react in such a situation.
Don’t raise your voice
When you realize that your teenage kid is lying, then do not make the mistake of shouting. Do not express anger at all. Your anger or loud voice will make your child more irritable. It is better to control your voice than if the direction of his thinking is opposite.
Don’t let the feeling
It would be better than expressing anger that you should not let the child realize that you have caught his lie. After knowing the lie of the child, first of all keep yourself calm. This will be a big challenge, but by doing this you can avoid the big trouble ahead.
Don’t say these words even by mistake 
You lie. You are a liar. You should get punished. You have disappointed us.- Avoid speaking such things. This will have a negative effect on the teenage kid.
Behave Friendly
Once you understand that your child has started hiding things, then it would be better if you try to be his friend. Instead of telling right and wrong like any principled parents, listen silently to the child. Make him realize that he is not doing any mistake by sharing his things with you. Rather like a friend can share everything with you.
Share the Experience
Instead of teaching children directly, motivate them for the right thing by telling real life experience or story. Keep in mind that once the child has lied to avoid your anger or words. This is not his habit. If you show strictness in the very first time, then that lying will really become a habit.
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