Pakistan’s condition is bad even after taking loan from Saudi Arabia and UAE, what is the way in front of Shahbaz

Pakistan Economic Crisis: Pakistan is currently going through a severe economic crisis. The country’s economy is in bad shape, inflation is at its peak. It is also very difficult for people in Pakistan to get things of daily use. The country facing severe shortage of foreign exchange reserves has stood on the verge of bankruptcy. Even after taking loans from Saudi Arabia, UAE, there is no sign of improvement in the situation.

Pakistan’s Foreign Exchange Reserves have reached the lowest level of the year 2014. According to media reports, Pakistan has sufficient foreign exchange reserves for imports for about 3 weeks.

Inflation at peak in Pakistan

The economic condition of Pakistan (Pakistan Economic Crisis) is getting worse day by day. People’s condition is miserable due to inflation. Due to the shortage of wheat, the prices of flour are on the sky. Flour mills are not supplying sufficient number of flour packets. Inflation has broken the back of the common man. The prices of milk, meat to oil and food items are going out of the budget of the people. Many families are standing on the verge of starvation.  

Default risk

Already the Shahbaz government of the country under debt is now requesting help from other countries and international agencies. Even after taking loans from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), dark clouds of default are hovering over Pakistan. According to some media reports, Pakistan has only three weeks of foreign exchange reserves left to pay for imports. 

What is the road ahead for Pakistan?

To get rid of inflation and economic crisis, Pakistan now has only one last option left and that is – financial assistance from IMF. Pakistan can once again knock on the door of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a new loan. However, it is believed that like Saudi Arabia and UAE, IMF is no longer going to provide loan to Pakistan so easily. Fulfilling the conditions set by the IMF can also prove extremely difficult for the Shehbaz government.

What will be the impact of following the IMF conditions?

Inflation is already at its peak in Pakistan. In such a situation, if Pakistan accepts the conditions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), then inflation may increase further. Apart from this, the tax burden on the people will increase. The Shehbaz Sharif government of Pakistan may have to face the displeasure of the common people due to further increase in inflation and increase in taxes. In such a situation, Shehbaz Sharif is in a state of confusion regarding the bitter pill of the IMF.

Shipping Agents Alert!

In Pakistan, the situation may worsen due to the anti-people conditions of the IMF demanding increase in energy prices and tax hike. However, it is also certain that without the consent of America, the IMF is not going to budge a bit. Meanwhile, the cash crunch in Pakistan has become so severe that even shipping agents have threatened to stop their services. 

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