Pakistani journalist’s advice to Shahbaz: The world is fed up by giving money, now Modi is the only support

Pakistan Economic Crisis: The economic condition of Pakistan has deteriorated a lot. The country’s economy is on the verge of complete collapse. There is a huge shortage of currency reserves in the country. Due to Pakistan Inflation being at its peak, there is a situation of hunger among many families. Meanwhile, the Pakistani media is also cursing the Shahbaz government for the condition of the country. A Pakistani journalist even said that PM Shahbaz Sharif is begging from the world, but no one is ready to give him a loan. In such a situation, they should look towards Modi.

Pakistan’s former PM and PTI chief Imran Khan also taunted the government and said that Shehbaz Sharif is roaming around the world with a begging bowl but no one wants to give loan. 

Pakistani journalist’s advice to Shehbaz

‘China, America are in bad condition’

Pakistani journalist further said that the economy of America and China is also not good. Saudi Arabia also said that we will not give loan to everyone. However, he also said that every leader of Pakistan has such a talent that if he asks for a sack, he will definitely get the bag. He also took a jibe at the PTI chief and said that Imran Khan says that the country will be saved if you bring me back. Shahbaz Sharif has come only to get the case against him over.

Now Modi is the only support?

The Pakistani journalist further said that the Government of Pakistan should extend the hand of friendship to India. She was pointing towards PM Modi. He said that Shahbaz Sharif should extend his hand towards PM Modi. Extend the hand of friendship. Extend your hand of sympathy. Extend to ask for something. He said that Modi ji can be expected.

Pakistani media praised Modi

Even before this, in an editorial of ‘The Express Tribune’, Pakistani defense analyst Shahzad Chaudhary had said that even though the economic crisis in Pakistan is deepening, but the neighboring country India is progressing day by day. Used to be. Shahzad Chaudhary warned that now PM Shahbaz Sharif will have to think seriously about how to improve Pakistan’s economy. 

Shahzad Chowdhary wrote in an article in Express Tribune that now times have changed a lot. India has become that country in the world, with which even America and Russia do not see eye to eye. No one has been able to do the work that Modi has done to brighten India’s image at the international level.

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