Pakistan: How much has the value of one rupee fallen against the dollar in Pakistan?

Pakistan: Pakistan, the victim of economic plight, is getting surrounded from all sides. The people of the country are yearning for basic needs. Pakistan is begging for help from all over the world but the trouble does not seem to be reducing. Meanwhile, the rupee continues to depreciate against the dollar in Pakistan. One rupee there has reached Rs 229.85 against the dollar. Let us tell you that in the last three months, the value of Pakistani currency has decreased by Rs 12. 

Talking about Indian currency, the value of one rupee here is almost three times as compared to Pakistani rupee. At the same time, the price of one US dollar is Rs 80.98 against the Indian rupee. Significantly, these days Pakistan is facing economic crisis. The country’s foreign exchange reserves are depleting and the gold reserves  are also depleting at the same rate.

Pakistan is also asking for help to repay the loan 

Pakistan, already under the burden of debt, is also seeking help from its friendly countries to repay its debt. Inflation in the country has reached a peak of 25 per cent and people are in dire need of essential commodities and food items. Wheat famine has made bread disappear from the plate of the people.

The World Bank has given a blow 

In its time of trouble, Pakistan is constantly extending its hand to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and many countries for financial help, but the World Bank has given it a blow. The World Bank has currently deferred a loan of $1.1 billion to Pakistan.

People yearning for basic needs 

Talking about the current situation, Pakistani people have to pay many times more for everyday items ranging from flour to onions. This is the reason why pictures of chaos on social media are constantly going viral. Due to the shortage of wheat, the price of flour has crossed Rs 150 per kg. According to media reports, chicken is being sold in Pakistan at Rs 650 per kg and milk at Rs 150 per litre. The price of cooking gas cylinder has reached 10,000 Pakistani rupees. 

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