Notorious psycho killer of Ayodhya-Barabanki arrested, know why he used to hunt elderly women

Psycho Killer: Psycho killer Amrendra (Amrendra), who preyed on middle-aged and elderly women in Barabanki and Ayodhya districts of Uttar Pradesh, has been arrested. He was arrested when he was trying to make another woman a victim. Arrested from Mawai police station area of ​​Ayodhya district, this accused used to misbehave with elderly and middle aged women first and then kill them. He even left the dead bodies of women naked on the spot.

The police had declared a reward of 25 thousand
During the investigation of the murder cases, looking at the same pattern of murder, the police was considering it as the work of a single criminal. The police had set up several teams to arrest him. A reward of Rs 25,000 was also announced for the person giving information about the psycho killer. Now after his arrest, the people of both Ayodhya and Barabanki districts have heaved a sigh of relief.

Amarendra is a resident of Asandra in Barabanki
The arrested accused Amarendra is a resident of Asandra in Barabanki district. He is accused of carrying out two incidents in Barabanki district and one incident in Mawai police station area of ​​adjoining Ayodhya district. According to the police, the accused carried out the first incident on December 5, 2022, in the Mawai police station area of ​​Ayodhya district, a few kilometers away from Ramsanehighat in Barabanki district. A woman resident of Khusheti village of Mawai police station area went missing and her naked body was found on the afternoon of December 6. It was revealed in the post mortem report that she was strangled to death after rape. There were also marks of injuries on the woman’s body. 

Incident in Barabanki on 17th December
The police was still searching for the accused in the Ayodhya case that on 17th December, at a distance from Ramsnehighat Kotwali of Barabanki district, the fields of Ibrahimabad village The naked body of a 62-year-old woman was found in His murder was also done by strangulation after misconduct. This time too, when he was dragging a woman who had gone to mow grass in Hunhuna village of Mawai police station area of ​​Ayodhya, some women caught sight of him. When the women raised an alarm, the people around ran and caught it and handed it over to the police.

The accused had returned from Surat on December 4
During interrogation, the police came to know that the accused had returned from Surat on December 4 last. He is married, but the gauna is not yet done. His father had done 3 marriages. After the death of his mother, the accused felt neglected. In the history of the mobile recovered from him, the matter of watching porn films has also come to the fore. It has also come to the fore that he used to visit some Tantrik baba as well.

In police interrogation, the youth accepted his crime
Rudauli CO Satyendra Bhushan Tiwari said that on January 23, at around 5 pm, the police received information from village Manona in Mawai police station area that A young man is trying to forcefully and rape a woman working in the field in the village itself. After this, when the police reached the spot, the local people had caught a young man. After pacifying the people, the police brought the suspect to the police station for questioning. A case has also been registered on the complaint of the victim’s husband. The youth caught in the interrogation has accepted his crime. The young man also told that he has carried out many such incidents in Ramsnehighat police station area of ​​Barabanki district. The young man told that he finds a woman alone in a deserted place and carries out such incidents.

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