No matter what the weather, the disease will stay away.. everyone will ask the secret of health.

Seasonal Diseases: If you make a slight change in your habits, then no season can harm you. Your health will always be fine. Be it diseases caused by cold wave or infection caused by rain, it will stay away from you. According to health experts, the sudden rapid changing weather affects the physical health of people as well as their mental health. Apart from hypertension, blood pressure, mood swings, problems related to breathing start to occur. Let’s know 5 such tips, by adopting which you will be saved from viral, fever, cold and cough…
Get physical activity
In the winter season, most people reduce physical activity due to cold and diseases. Whereas people should not do this. The immunity of people who do daily exercise, yoga or physical activity also remains strong.
Take care of diet
There are many options for eating and drinking in the winter season, not all of which are healthy. Therefore,  It is most important to take care of diet amid the changing seasons. Eat fresh home cooked food, stay away from junk food and also drink plenty of water.
Take care of immunity
In many cases, it has been seen that people with better immunity are not affected much by weather diseases. In such a situation, to keep your immunity strong. Must use turmeric in honey, hot water or milk.  
Take warm clothes
Generally, people start using warm clothes as soon as the sun comes out, that is, warm clothes for winter, less or according to the need, while this should not be done. The cold that subsides suddenly can also increase suddenly, due to which many people often become victims of diseases. So, use warm clothes with utmost care in winter season and stay healthy.
get the flu vaccine
Most of the people who fall ill due to sudden change of weather become ill due to weak immunity. In such a situation, getting the flu vaccine for them can be a kind of effective solution. Old people, people with diabetes, sugar, high BP problems must get flu vaccine once in a year so that they can avoid seasonal diseases to some extent.
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