Navy’s IL-38 participates in flypast for the first and last time, know its specialty

Repplic Day Flypast: Today, on 26 January, the whole country is immersed in the celebration of Republic Day. On this occasion, the Army held its grand parade on the duty path of the capital Delhi, while the Air Force and Navy also showed their strength. The Navy’s long-range surveillance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft IL-38 was a major attraction. The Navy aircraft performed its first and last flypast on the duty path.

IL-38 has served the country by joining the Indian Navy for 45 years. It was part of a contingent of 50 aircraft that took part in the Republic Day celebrations in the capital.

Decommissioned last year
IL-38 was inducted into the Indian Army in 1977. Since then it has played an important role in the maritime reconnaissance mission of the Navy. The first IL-38SD aircraft, IN 301 was decommissioned in January last year after serving the nation for 44 years.

In addition to the IL-38 aircraft of the Navy, structures like Bhima and Vajrang were also displayed on the duty path for the first time. The tableau of the Air Force was also shown on the duty path, the theme of which was Indian Air Force: Power Beyond Boundaries. During the ceremony, 9 Rafale aircraft did a flypast with IL-38.

Salute to the President
The President at the 74th Republic Day Celebrations Draupadi Murmu unfurled the national flag as per tradition. After this, the President was given a salute of 21 guns. This time Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has been invited as the chief guest in the program.

Earlier Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid floral tributes to the martyrs at the National War Memorial. From here the Prime Minister and other dignitaries went to the Saluting Platform of the Duty Path to watch the parade.

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