Mukhtar Ansari News: Case of murder registered on five including Mukhtar Ansari, know what is the whole matter?

Usari Chatti Kand: Mafia and Mau’s former MLA Mukhtar Ansari (Mukhtar Ansari) are not taking the name of their difficulties. Now once again a case of murder has been registered against five people including Mukhtar Ansari. This case has been registered in the 22-year-old Usari Chatti murder case. The murder case has been registered by the father of Manoj Rai, who was killed in the Usari Chatti gang war.

A case of murder has been registered against Mukhtar Ansari in Ghazipur’s Mohammadabad police station. Mukhtar Ansari, Mukhtar’s driver Surendra Sharma, Shahid, Gaus Moinuddin and Kamal have been made accused in this case. In this case, Mukhtar has been accused of killing Manoj due to contract dispute and suspicion of betrayal. Manoj Rai was associated with Mukhtar Ansari’s contracting business. 

What is the allegation?
In the case Manoj Rai’s father claims that Mukhtar Ansari was angry with Manoj for taking his personal contracts. After which there was a gang war in Ghazipur on 14 July 2001. Manoj Rai along with two gunners of Mukhtar Ansari were murdered in this massacre. Mukhtar Ansari has also filed a case against Brajesh Singh and Tribhuvan Singh in the Usri Chatti murder case. Then three were killed and nine were injured in the firing of Mukhtar’s convoy.

Earlier, the Allahabad High Court had stayed the trial of the Usri Chatti case. The High Court gave this decision while hearing the petition of accused Tribhuvan Singh. 


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