Mahi Srivastava put on ‘Mehndi Kala Kala’, fans going crazy after watching the new Bhojpuri song of the actress

The demand of actress Mahi Srivastava in Bhojpuri industry is increasing day by day. She captivates everyone with her work. She also remains in headlines in social media. His fans eagerly wait for his photos and videos. He has amazing fan following. Because of which she can make any song a hit. Now in this episode Mahi Srivastava’s new song ‘Mehndi Kala Kala’ has been released from Worldwide Records Bhojpuri’s official YouTube channel. Which the audience is very fond of. The song is sung by singer Neha Raj, famous as Supersinger in the industry. Whose voice has a different kind of attraction which compels the audience to pull towards it.

Even before ‘Mehndi Kala Kala’, many songs of Neha Raj and Mahi Srivastava’s pair are rocking on YouTube, which have got millions of views till now. In the song, Mahi is discussing with her friends about writing her Balam’s name on her hand with black henna. In which she says that haath pe hathliyan te kheeke saheliyan… Hamara se poochhe le pyaar ke paheliyaan… saar naam Raul haath pe rachla… Balam Mahariya Kala Kala Balam….

Many dancers are seen with Mahi in the song who are matching step by step with Mahi, the location of the song is also very special which is adding charm to the song. In this song, doom is falling in Mahi’s yellow saree. Worldwide Records Bhojpuri has presented the song ‘Mehndi Kala Kala’ by Neha Raj and Mahi Srivastava. Its lyrics have been written by Arjun Ajnabi. Its music is composed by Abhishek Gupta. Its producer is Ratnakar Kumar. The choreographer of the song is Sunny Sonkar, Editor Pankaj Saw and DI Rohit.

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