LPG cylinder was being used in the pantry car of the train, the manager was caught

LPG Cyninder In Train Pantry Car: There is a ban on the use of LPG cylinders in the pantry car running on the train. Despite this, some vendors are using it secretly. The same was happening in the Azad Hind manager going from Pune to Howrah, after which the pantry car manager of the train has been arrested. Taking action under the Railway Act, Nagpur RPF has arrested the Pantry Manager. While giving this information, the officials said that RPF has also recovered two LPG cylinders from the manager.

LPG ban

In June 2022, following instructions from the Railway Board, IRCTC had asked zonal railways to stop using LPG cylinders for cooking in all pantry cars attached to mail/express trains to avoid any mishap.

What instead of LPG?

If LPG is banned in the train then how is the food prepared. This question must be arising in the mind of many. In fact, instead of LPG, the pantry car has been asked to convert into flameless electric design or induction top cooking. For this, state-of-the-art cooking equipments are installed in the pantry car. Electricity is used instead of LPG. It is made from stainless steel to take special care of cleanliness.

According to the information, it costs 60 lakh rupees to convert from LPG pantry car to flameless pantry car. This reduces the risk of fire. Also, this type of pantry car also helps in eliminating the use of polluting fossil fuels.

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